Unfortunately, the female body is not immune to the effects of time and, for many women, Menopause is a time when our body stops acting and reacting in the manner we are accustomed to.  At the peak of life, we may start to suffer symptoms that can be difficult to understand, explain or diagnose.

For other women, the effects of menopause are induced early and sometimes in a striking manner, due to cancer medications, preventative cancer surgery (bilateral removal of the ovaries), a long duration on the oral contraceptive pill or even lengthy breast-feeding. 

hotimageWhilst many women cruise through menopause as another stage of life and require no specific intervention or treatment, other women suffer greatly over extended periods and, often in silence.  

Symptoms of menopause include temporary disturbances such as hot flushes or night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, aches and memory loss.  Many of these can be effectively treated with medication, natural remedies and behavioral changes …. and will pass (see Treatment Options below).  Other symptoms occur due to hormonal in balance and result in vaginal and continence changes (known as Vaginal Atrophy), which can be more oppressive and may never improve, leading to adverse personal, sexual and lifestyle implications.  


Whilst menopause brings with it many symptoms, we live in an age of medical innovation and breakthroughs. There are now many options and treatments available for women suffering vaginal atrophy and incontinence symptoms post-menopause. Whilst we believe in and support the MonaLisa Touch CO2 treatment, the objective of this site is to research and publish all available options and to ensure that women have access to the latest information and clinical data, plus the ability to share experiences and learn from others – so you can make your own decision about vaginal atrophy and menopause treatments.


Much can now be done to either reverse or reduce the undesirable symptoms of menopause. It should be your informed choice to decide what, how and when.

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