A Husband’s take on MonaLisa Touch

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May 6, 2015
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A Husband’s take on MonaLisa Touch

Saul – The Husband’s Perspective

My wife was only 39 years old when she was diagnosed with the BRCA2 defective gene in 2012. Within 6 months, she was induced into menopause following bi-lateral removal of ovaries and uterus, as a preventative cancer surgery.

As a husband of a young vibrant woman, found to be carrying the defective BRCA2 gene, it has been difficult to watch her undergo surgery to prevent breast & ovarian cancer. We have 3 young girls and, whilst we know it was the right decision to make, we had limited information or support to prepare for what was ahead.

The surgical process is a hard thing for a woman of any age and I cannot relate to the mental anguish a woman must feel being forced to remove the physical features that “make her a woman”, but I did sense the emotional pain my wife was going through.

While breasts can be replaced with prosthetics to give some semblance of normality, HRT to address oestrogen depletion (following removal of both ovaries) is out of the question for BRCA patients, due to the increased risk of cancer. After surgery, the effects of menopause were immediate and intense. My wife started to experience many of the uncomfortable and personal symptoms of menopause, with few treatment options available to her during these troubling times.

I believe that it is important to maintain intimacy in a relationship but for women experiencing menopausal symptoms this can be difficult due to discomfort. Thankfully, we became aware of the MonaLisa Touch treatment. My wife has recently completed her three treatments and has experienced a new lease on life, as it were.

This has helped with matters in the bedroom and she is now enjoying herself again and not viewing it as a chore or, worse, an uncomfortable or painful experience.

Given the results so far, I would recommend all men with a wife or partner suffering from these intimate symptoms (of any age) to “go and make a MonaLisa Touch appointment for your better-half now”.

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