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April 24, 2015
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Gena’s Treatment

Gena, 42 years, Mother of 3 Girls, BRCA2 diagnosis

Induced menopause following bi-lateral removal of ovaries and uterus in November 2012 as a preventative cancer surgery.

Symptoms: I’m in relatively early stages of vaginal atrophy and my primary symptoms were extreme dryness, discomfort during intercourse, loss of libido and recurrent UTIs.

Day 1 -1st Treatment (20/02/2015)
I had been provided with information on the MonaLisa Touch touch treatment, but was still unsure what to expect. As it turned out, the longest process of my procedure was preparation of the vaginal walls to remove all moisture, as the MonaLisa Touch laser must operate in a fully dry environment. This was not uncomfortable as the swabs are very small. The insertion of the laser probe was a little cold and slightly awkward……similar sensation to inserting a tampon with an applicator. The probe is very thin and smooth, much less uncomfortable than a pap smear.

When the laser starts you feel a vibration inside, likened to a very very low speed “vibrator”. This vibration continues with no pain at all for the duration of the procedure. A few zaps of the laser was also conducted on the outside of my vagina, very close to the opening. This was to help improve the discomfort during intercourse caused by the lack of lubrication. This was the only time I felt the laser zap my skin like the flick of an elastic band, but was not painful.

I was able to go about my normal daily activities immediately after the procedures. However, given the treatment to my external area, I had a slight stinging sensation on that localised site when going to the toilet later that day. This passed within a few days.

Days 2 to 4:
Fluid loss was the biggest noticeable difference within the first 4 days. Previously, I had no need for underwear as there was never any fluid loss from my vagina. The procedure obviously woke up the cells and hence lubrication was evident. I noticed this until day 6.

Day 5:
I went for a bike ride to test for any discomfort. No pain to note and I did not suffer the usual UTI, which had been so prevalent after riding sessions.

Day 6 onwards:
The fluid loss (noticeable in my underwear) disappeared. During sexual intercourse it was very evident that lubrication was within the vaginal walls. We had no need for any “extra” lubricating gels at all. Feelings, sensitivity, orgasm seemed to just flow again….as it should. No more dry, uncomfortable, awkward pain. Sounds a bit unbelievable after one treatment, and I constantly question my self….but its absolutely true.

Day 31: 2nd Treatment
At my second treatment, I was far moister than the 1st treatment, due to the significant increase in my natural lubrication. As a result, the preparation time to remove moisture took twice as long. However, the actual treatment was consistent with the first, very quick, no discomfort and I was able to leave and go about my daily activities immediately afterwards.

Day 63: 3rd Treatment (24th April 2015)
My third treatment was straight forward, quick and comfortable. I knew exactly what to expect and simply continued with my usual daily activities, afterwards.

Outcome: I have continued to notice an overall improvement in my vaginal lubrication and normal functioning, along with my enjoyment of sex and other physical activities, especially bike riding, without the usual nagging UTIs post-ride. This, in turn, has had a positive impact on my general state of mind and sexual libido. My husband has expressed a similar satisfaction.

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